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Resource Allocation

TCHPC implements a full resource allocation model. What does this mean? This means resources are allocated on a 'per project' basis in the following four resource categories:

  • Compute
  • HPC Storage
  • Visualisation
  • Dedicated Human Support / Scientific Support

Each project will be placed in a sub-category depending on the amount of resource requested:

  • Class A - Large
  • Class B - Medium
  • Class C - Small

Large (Class A) projects will require approval from committee. Smaller (Class B & C) projects will be approved by TCHPC staff. The details of limits for each category are available in the resource submission system (below).

Apply for resources - the resource submission system

To apply for project resources, please visit this page

This form will ask for some details of your research (funding, PI, a short abstract). The information is collected and collated here at TCHPC and is very important for resource allocation and accounting and for justification of past and future funding. By applying to use these resources, you are agreeing to support our future applications for local, national and international funding to ensure that we can continue to provide resources into the future. Details of your abstract may be published on our website and in other TCHPC/TCD publications.

After application your request will be forwarded to the TCHPC team for approval. Requests for Class A projects may also be directed to a scientific/technical committee for approval. Once approved you will receive a project 'code'. When accessing compute facilities, you will use this 'code' as you submit jobs.

Compute Resources

This refers to resources allocated to our core High Performance Compute Cluster. There are currently two main cluster available to the research community in TCD (and nationally).

If you require an account, please visit our accounts page.

HPC Storage Resources

This relates to our high performance storage attached to the HPC cluster facilities. This is used, generally, in combination with TCHPC compute resources.

Please contact the TCHPC team if you would like to discuss any storage requirements you may have.

Visualisation Support

TCHPC hosts a state-of-the-art visualisation facility.

The facility has a wide range of applications. Please contact the TCHPC team if you would like to discuss how we can help you in this area.

Dedicated Support

Would you like a member of the TCHPC staff to be assigned to you for a period of time ? Need some help with your code ? Require some help getting yourself and your researchers set up on our systems ?

The TCHPC team has a broad range of expertise and experience in all HPC areas. You can request their dedicated support for a period of time.