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Research IT Accounts and HPC Cluster Resource Allocations


Access to Research IT services is not automatically setup. Researchers must apply for an account with Research IT.

Apply for an account with Research IT.

To request a password reset please email

Please note, Research IT maintains it’s own authentication system which is separate from the authentication system used to login to most Trinity services such as email, computers in offices and labs, etc. This means that your Research IT username and password can be different from your usual Trinity ones. Research IT need an authentication system separate from the usual Trinity one to facilitate collaborators from non Trinity institutions who are collaborating with Trinity Researchers.

Who is eligible for an account on Research IT systems

Research IT operates High End Computing facilities for general use by research staff & postgraduate students in Trinity College. Two of these system have been funded such that general access is also available to the broader Irish research community based in the HEI’s. Some computational resources have been funded through specific research projects for the use of specific groups or consortia - access to these resources is restricted.

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students don’t automatically need access to our systems, usually it is in the context of a final year or summer project, etc. Undergraduates who request Research IT accounts will have to have the support of a Trinity academic supervisor to get access.

Non-TCD Staff/Student additional requirements

Note: If you are not a TCD staff member or student you will also need to submit a third party access form, this form can be found on the application page.

Resource Allocations

A Resource Allocation is necessary to run computational jobs on our HPC Clusters. This is in addition to applying for a Research IT account.

Once you have a Research IT account you must apply for a computation resource allocation if you want to run jobs on one of our HPC clusters. Users without such an allocation cannot run on our HPC clusters. Such resource allocation is not automatically setup. Researchers must apply for an allocation.

To apply for access to the general access HPC clusters, Kelvin and Lonsdale, please fill in a computational resource allocation application for each cluster you wish to apply for and a Project Code will be generated for you.

The form will ask for some details of your research (funding, PI, a short abstract). The information is collected and collated here at RIT and is very important for resource allocation and accounting and for justification of past and future funding. By applying to use these resources, you are agreeing to support our future applications for local, national and international funding to ensure that we can continue to provide resources into the future. Details of your abstract may be published on our website and in other RIT/TCD publications.

If you want to access one of the other HPC Clusters we maintain please email


Accounts and Resource Allocations are governed by Research IT’s policies. You are agreeing to those policies by requesting and account and or allocation.