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Walk-In Workshops

Overview of Research IT

Research IT (formerly Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing, TCHPC) provides Trinity researchers from all disciplines with the following services:

  • advanced computing (Linux and HPC)
  • data management
  • visualisation
  • and software development facilities and expertise

Walk-In Workshops

Research IT runs monthly Walk-In Workshops, which are open sessions for people to come in and ask questions and get help in an informal setting.

Please note that these are not formal training sessions - you can drop in at any time during the workshop with a question for 5 minutes and then leave (hopefully happy!).

Research IT staff members will be on hand to discuss any problems with you.

Light refreshments of tea/coffee/biscuits will be provided.

Venue and Date of the Workshops

We generally run the workshops on the first Friday of each month, in our training lab (Room 2.12 in the Lloyd Building).

However, this is subject to change to please check the news section for the current time and venue each month.

Focus of workshops

The workshops will be focused primarily on questions regarding Research IT systems in particular and Linux in general.

See below for examples of questions people might ask.


We would welcome people who are users on our systems already with questions about how the clusters work, or people who may have issues in general with Linux.

Please let your colleagues know about the Workshops, as they may have some issue which turns out to be relevant for you.

Possible questions

Research IT specific questions:

  • how to submit a serial job on the Research IT clusters (e.g. Lonsdale or Kelvin)
  • how to find out what resources are available
  • how to find out what software is available
  • how can I run matlab in parallel
  • how can I run fsl on the clusters
  • how can I run R on the clusters

Linux questions:

  • how can I easily create hundreds of directories/files (e.g. case001-case999)
  • how can I search for files
  • how can I work with zipped files on Linux
  • how can I set file permisions so that people in my group can access my files
  • where can I download Linux from to install it myself
  • "I have Linux on my laptop and Firefox/Office/MP3s/PDFs are broken. Help!"
  • how can I do a search and replace in vi/vim
  • how can I do a search and replace with emacs/xemacs
  • how can I do a search and replace (simple examples) with 'sed'
  • how do I find out what my IP is
  • how do I know if I have selinux turned on or not
  • how do I know if I have a firewall turned on or not
  • how to compile up small packages that you have downloaded and then install them into your own home directory for your own use
  • how do I find out which compiler I'm using (using the which command)
  • I want to buy a laptop to run linux what do you recommend
  • which Linux distro do you recommend (suggest the right distro for the right purpose)