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Slurm Bank

SLURM Bank, a collection of wrapper scripts to give slurm GOLD like capabilities for managing resources. With the scripts we are able to provide a simple banking system where we can deposit hours to an account. Users are associated to these accounts from which they can use to run jobs. If users do not have an account or if they do not have hours in their account then they cannot run jobs.

SLURM bank is extremely simple and only very basic banking functionality is provided. That is when a user or a group of users run out of time in an account the jobs that are running will be immediately terminated. In SLURM bank we do not have reservation of time to ensure jobs complete, it is up to the user to figure that out, by doing so users will hopefully be more aware of the time that they have used. We also do not have the notion of crediting or overdrawing so if jobs fail due to system failures etc... users will not be automatically refunded hours. This issue will be left up to the users and admins to resolve.

Users can do

$ man sbank


$ sbank help
usage: sbank project <args>
   or: sbank user    <args>
   or: sbank deposit <args>
   or: sbank balance <args>
   or: sbank time    <args>
   or: sbank cluster <args>
   or: sbank submit  <args>
   or: sbank refund  <args>
   or: sbank version <args>

Available commands are:
    project    Manage projects and accounts
    user       Manage users (EXPERIMENTAL)
    deposit    Deposit hours to an account
    balance    Show balance sheet of account(s)
    time       Time calculator
    cluster    Manage clusters in slurmdbd
    submit     Wrapper to submit jobs
    refund     refund hours for a given jobid
    version    Show version information

Try 'sbank --help' for details.

to get information on what the commands do. The sbank commands are currently only available on

  • Lonsdale
  • Kelvin
  • Parsons

If you do not have hours or an account to run jobs, please view the resource allocation page and request for an allocation (i.e. a project code).