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Trinity College Dublin

Research IT Compute Resource Application

Please use this form to apply for resources on the compute clusters hosted at Research IT. After completion your application will be reviewed by the Research IT team, and you will receive further instruction. This form will collect information regarding the research you intend to preform with Research IT compute resources. This information is important for the internal accounting procedures at Research IT. Details of this may be published on the Research IT website and in other material.

Please acknowledge Research IT on all publications facilitated by access to these facilities.

Please enter your username.
New users can apply
Please enter your password.
Principal Investigator
Please enter the name of the Lead PI on this project.
Please enter the name(s) of any collaborators involved with this project.
Please enter any external inistitution(s) involved with this project.
Please enter the funding source for this project.
Lonsdale is available to internal TCD researchers
Kelvin is available nationally to researchers in Irish HEI's
Select this option if you require access to a private cluster.
Select this option if you are unsure, or do not require access to a cluster.

Please select the amount of resources you require. Each project will be assigned a designated filestorage area which will be valid for the duration of the project. Compute tasks will be assigned to a specific project code and the relevant hours will be deducted from your account. Jobs with insufficient funds, or assigned to an incorrect project will not (or may run with a reuduced priority).

Project filestorage will become invalid after the duration of the project. Users should be aware that this allocated space is not for backup/archival purposes. A small user directory space will be available to all users for essential data. This is backed up for disater-recovery purposes only.

Select a start and end date for your project. Format is YYYY-MM-DD, or use the popup calander.
Please enter a title for your project.
Please enter a scientific abstract of the work you are carrying out
Please enter a technical abstract of the work you are carrying out. This should include, for example:
If you intend to run jobs on the cluster(s), please include:
  • the code(s) you intend to run (community and/or bespoke)
  • expected parallel scaling (number of cores)
  • expected memory usage
  • expected number of jobs
  • any specific libraries required for compilation and/or running the code
  • any licensing issues
If your project will not be running code, please give details of the resources to which you would like to gain access
Further Notes
Any other details regarding your resource request.
A list of other users (if available) can be placed here.