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M.Sc. in High Performance Computing

MSc in High Performance Computing

Dr. Mike Peardon, School of Mathematics, Trinity College Dublin

The School of Mathematics continues to collaborate with staff in the Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing in providing practical training in the use of large-scale and multi-core computers for scientific simulation and mathematical modelling. The M.Sc course in High Performance Computing focusses on training students to translate mathematical models of complex systems into software that will harness the computing power of many processing units in parallel. This training involves learning details of algorithms for simulation and numerical analysis, aspects of parallel computing hardware, stochastic modeling techniques along with case-studies applying these skills in application areas such as financial modelling and Monte Carlo simulation.

To complete the course, students are examined traditionally and also must demonstrate their expertise in large-scale modelling on parallel computers by submitting a report and giving a presentation on a substantial project that makes use of multi-core architecture to solve a demanding simulation problem. Successful students will have career opportunities in mathematical modelling, simulation and forecasting, as well as the possibility of post-graduate research in any discipline requiring complex mathematical modelling.