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Accessing the high memory nodes (fat nodes on lonsdale)

There are a number of large memory nodes on lonsdale which can be accessed if the users jobs require these nodes to do so additional specifications must be given to srun, salloc or sbatch.

For example to access the 32GB nodes using a batch script:

#SBATCH -N 1            # 1 node
#SBATCH -t 03:00:00     # 1 day and 3 hours
#SBATCH -p compute      # parition name
#SBATCH -J my_job_name  # sensible name for the job
#SBATCH --mem=32000     # this is specified in megabytes per node

srun hostname

Or srun:

$ srun --mem=32000 -N 1 -p compute -t 03:00:00 hostname

Or salloc:

$ salloc --mem=32000 -N 1 -p compute -t 03:00:00