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Open-Source Projects

TCHPC staff have contributed to various Open-Source projects. This page gives a list of the main ones that TCHPC staff have contributed to.

Project Overview of contribution
Php-Slurm Developed a significant extension to the existing Slurm-php module, based on the PERL API. This work was done by a summer intern from HOWEST University in Belgium, under the supervision of TCHPC staff. Download. Git-hub repo.
Slurm-Bank Developed a set of wrapper scripts to emulate banking capability in Slurm. The essential underlying features already existing in Slurm, but there was no single, consistent interface which tied them together. With this add-on to Slurm, an administrator can now easily deposit CPU-hour 'credits' to a project account, and a user can easily check their 'balances' on all account projects of which they are a member. Download. Git-hub repo. HTML documentation.