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Modifying attributes of a submitted job using scontrol

It is possible to modify the attributes of a submitted job using the slurm command scontrol. For example if you accidentally submitted the job to the wrong partition you can do something like
scontrol update jobid=$i partition=compute
Where $i is the job id of job that you wish to update. It is also possible to bulk update jobs that are queued up. For example if your jobs are all in the debug partition and you wish to run the jobs in the compute partition
for i in $(squeue -u jtang -h -t PD -o %i)
scontrol update jobid=$i partition=compute
Other possible parameters that can be modified include the run time of a job, accounting information, number of tasks or nodes. It is also possible to modify some of these parameters even if the job is in a running state as long as it is within the constraints of the partition.