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Trinity College Dublin

Structural and functional imaging of people with velocardiofacial syndrome (VCFS)

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Life Sciences
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Dedicated human Support
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Prof Hugh Garavan
In the current phase of the Velocardiofacial projectongoing in TCIN and in conjunction with Prof. Hugh Garavan (TCD),Prof. Kieran Murphy (RCSI) and Prof. Colm McDonald (NUIG), MR imaging is being used to explore functional and structural aspects of the 22q11.DS syndrome. This project involves detailed structural,functional and DTI image analyses of a patient population with the 22q11.DSsyndrome, a chromosome deletion disorder affecting 1 in 5000 live births approximately. Analysis will consist of fMRI using AFNI, structural MRI usingFreesurfer and FSL_VBM, and DTI using FSL_TBSS to probe the anatomical and cognitive characteristics of the condition. This will require running data analyses on the HPC clusters based at TCIN and all associated support fromthe TCHPC experts where necessary.
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