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Mathematica seminar at Trinity College Dublin

Seminar Announcement

To support the Mathematica site license at Trinity College Dublin, Wolfram Research is visiting the university as part of the Ireland Mathematica Seminars on Tuesday 26 October at 1pm. The seminar will be held at:

Lecture Theatre EE3
Panoz Building
Trinity College Dublin
200/201 Pearse Street
Dublin 2

This seminar will be given in Mathematica and will show useful teaching and research examples for mathematics, the physical sciences, engineering, and business/economics. The content will elp attendees with no prior experience get started with the Mathematica language and workflow. With the upcoming release of Mathematica 8, some new features will be unveiled at the seminar.

Please invite your students to attend.

To make sure we have enough space, please register on our website:

I look forward to meeting you!

Best regards,

Paul Barnett
Key Accounts Development Executive
Wolfram Research Europe Ltd.
+44-(0)1993-883400 ext. 5025
fax: +44-(0)1993-883800