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HRB Picture of Health 2009 features TCHPC delivered health information system

Created in October 2003, with funding from the Irish Cancer Society, the Prostate Cancer Research Consortium is a multi-disciplinary, trans-institutional collaboration bringing together researchers from University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, Royal College of Surgeons and Dublin City University to better understand the diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer.

Key to any understanding of the molecular basis of prostate cancer and its recurrence is the collection of appropriate samples and data from prostate cancer patients at various stages of their disease. Of equal importance is an IT system that allows clinicians and researchers to share and track data & samples and address hypothesis driven research questions. A Biobank Informaction Management System (BIMS) provides this required functionality. In 2006 the HRB provided a grant for Prof. Jane Grimson and Dr. Geoff Bradley to develop a BIMS for the PCRC. Their work is detailed in the HRB Picture of Health report 2009