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TCIN Training Course in SPM

TCIN (Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience - will be running training courses on SPM.

The courses will be run on Friday afternoons for 5 weeks on the following dates:

  • Friday 7th May 3-5pm
  • Friday 14th May 3-5pm
  • Friday 21th May 3-5pm
  • Friday 28th May 3-5pm
  • Friday 4th June 3-5pm

The location is a computer lab in the Hamilton building (EEPC3). These computers have Matlab and you'll have to download SPM and a dummy dataset at the start of the sessions. You can bring your own data if you like. These sessions will follow the basic steps of fMRI analysis (a little math to explain what's going on) followed by the buttons and hidden features of SPM.

Week 1: Pre-processing 1: slice timing, realignment, unwarping (field maps), coregistration.

Week 2: Pre-processing 2: segmentation (old and new), normalisation (unified segmentation, SPM2, and DARTEL), and smoothing

Week 3: Analysis: Experimental design

Week 4: Analysis: General linear model, estimation and contrasts

Week 5: Extras: SPM extensions, Anatomy toolbox, rfxplot, SPMd, marsbar, GIFT, FIT etc.

For further details and for information about how to book your place, please contact Joshua Balsters ( in TCIN.

TCD-Only Course

Please note that this course is an unofficial SPM course and is not affiliated with the FIL.