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Module error in SLURM script: module: command not found

If you see this error in your SLURM output file: line XX: module: command not found

This means that the slurm script has not been made aware of the modules system yet. You need to add this line to your slurm script (before the module load ...):

. /etc/profile.d/
module load apps fluent   # now the modules will be able to load, e.g. fluent

Searching for Modules

A useful tip for searching for modules

module apropros KEYWORD

where KEYWORD is what you are searching for, e.g

[jtang@lonsdale01 ~]$ module apropros cport
cports               : adds cports modules

Getting more information about a module

If you want to display information about what changes a given module makes to your environment, use the module show command. This shows the full PATH to the module, any environment variables it sets or modifies, and any help information which is written into the modulefile.

For example:

[jtang@lonsdale01 ~]$ module show darcs/2.5.0-linux-i386-ghc6.12.3-CURL-static-gnu

module-whatis	 darcs version 2.5.0-linux-i386-ghc6.12.3-CURL-static (compiled with a gnu compiler) 
conflict	 darcs 
prepend-path	 PATH /home/support/apps/cports/rhel-5.x86_64/gnu/darcs/2.5.0-linux-i386-ghc6.12.3-CURL-static/bin 

[jtang@lonsdale01 ~]$ module help darcs/2.5.0-linux-i386-ghc6.12.3-CURL-static-gnu

----------- Module Specific Help for 'darcs/2.5.0-linux-i386-ghc6.12.3-CURL-static-gnu' ---------------------------

Darcs is a distributed, advanced revision control system written in Haskell.
build depends: 
run depends: 
module depends: 
link depends: