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The goal of this tutorial is to show a user how to compile the package ALPS (Algorithms and Libraries for Physics Simulations) on the compute clusters that TCHPC maintains.

Required Skills

  • intermediate knowledge on how to use UNIX/Linux
  • basic knowledge on how to compile simple packages under UNIX/Linux using autoconf/automake based packages (i.e. ./configure files)

Required Software

  • alps 1.3.4
  • openmpi
  • intel compilers
  • boost 1.40.x


First unpack archives for boost and alps somewhere on to a fast disk
cd alps-1.3.4
module purge
module load libs apps default-intel-openmpi-apps-libs
Run configure for alps
./configure \
--prefix=/home/support/apps/apps/alps/intel/11.0.074/openmpi/1.3.3/64/1.3.4 \
--with-compiler=intel \
Note that the above line does not link to mkl/acml and mpi, to configure alps with mpi and mkl, you will need to do load up the extra mkl module
module load mkl/64/
Then re-run configure again
./configure \
--prefix=/home/support/apps/apps/alps/intel/11.0.074/openmpi/1.3.3/64/1.3.4 \
--with-compiler=intel \
--with-boost=/gscratch/trhpc/jtang/alps/boost_1_40_0 \
--with-mpi=$MPI_HOME --with-mkl=$MKL_PATH
Then all you need to do is just type make, it will take probably about 20-30mins to compile and link. If you really want the examples in alps-1.3.4/example/,
cd example
make examples
It will take a few minutes to compile and link the examples. The examples will be located in a location like this