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For Microsoft Windows desktops :

  • An account on our systems: see here.
    • You will need a username and password to access our systems.
  • A Project Code :
    • You will need to assign your analysis to a project code. Available here
  • XMing : A X Windows Manager. Install X ming.
    • XMing is required to display the GUI interface to Stata on your desktop.
  • WinSCP : A FTP/SFTP client for Microsoft Windows. Using WinSCP.
    • WinSCP is used to transfer your data/results files to and from your local computer to the cluster.
  • Putty : An SSH client: see here.
    • Putty is used to provide 'shell' access to Lonsdale. From here you can type commands.

Procedure for running Stata

  • Install XMing, and ensure it is running.
    • The taskbar on your desktop should display the "X" logo.
  • Transfer the required data to Lonsdale using WinSCP
    • The Stata program will require access to your data files and input.
  • Download and run the Putty program.
    • Log in using your username and password
    Putty session
  • Request the use of 1 node in the application reservation of the cluster, for 1 hour:
    • salloc -N 1 -p compute --reservation=application -t 1:00:00
  • Connect to node that you have been allocated
    • Type the command ssh $SLURM_JOB_NODELIST
    Putty session
  • Load the required Stata module
    • Type the command module load apps stata/10
  • Run the Stata10 program
    • Type the command xstata-se
    Putty session