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We enforce strong password policies on our systems.

Forgotten your Password?

If you forget your password, please contact the support team for help.

Changing your Password

Changing your Password via the Shell

If you are logged in via ssh, then the standard 'passwd' command will allow you to update your password:

[jbloggs@lonsdale ~]$ passwd
Identity validation...
enter your UNIX password:
Changing UNIX and samba passwords for jbloggs
Retype new password:

Changing your Password via a Webpage

For users without shell access, you can change your password at the following secure webpage:

Research IT Password Change

Choosing Strong Passwords

The following are some tips on choosing strong passwords:

  • At least 8 characters (9 or more preferred)
  • Use a mixture of UPPER and lower case letters
  • Include some numbers
  • Include some punctuation characters such as: ! , @ # $ % ^ & * ? _ ~
  • Combine words together, for example: Not!Today123