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Virtual Infrastruture Downtime, May 16th 2017

In order to carry out a necessary update the storage component of the DRI/ Research IT Open Nebula Virtual Machine Infrastructure will have to be stopped. This storage provides the disks for Virtual Machine's in the infrastructure. Because of this all Virtual Machine's must be powered off to facilitate the update.

This will require a 2 hour downtime between 9am and 11am Tuesday the 16th of May with an at risk period until 1pm. The services impacted include:

  • The Digital Repository if Ireland, all services including the repository
  • Research IT hosted web site's, including our homepage
  • Research IT internal services, e.g. the licensing server, mirrored software repositories, etc.
  • TCIN Bookingsystem
  • Library Blog server
  • MND Register
  • NEIL Memory Research Unit

We apologise for the inconvenience that this necessary downtime will cause and thank those affected for their patience and forbearance. This work will help to make the infrastructure more resilient.