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Access to Mathematica may be restricted to various groups for licensing reasons. If you have a Mathematica license, and would like to avail of our hardware resources, please contact the systems team.

Running Mathematica Interactively

To run Mathematica interactively on the TCHPC clusters, you must:

  • log in via SSH
  • obtain an interactive allocation on the cluster, using your project code
  • load the modules: module load apps Mathematica
  • and then run it from the command-line: mathematica

Running Mathematica through the Batch System

To submit a batch Mathematica job on the TCHPC clusters, you must:

  • create a text file containing the commands you wish to run, e.g. "test.m" (see below for an example)
  • the .m Mathematica file should include Exit[] as the last line, to make sure that mathematica exits correctly.
  • create a SLURM batch submission script (see below for an example)
  • submit it to the queue
  • when the job has finished, check the output

Sample Mathematica File

This file (called "test.m") simply calls the Binomial function a few times.

(* comments in the mathematica file are enclosed in *)

(* truncate the output file *)
Put[ "pascals_tri.out" ]
(* run the commands and save the output *)
Binomial[ 1, 1 ] >>>"pascals_tri.out"
Binomial[ 2, 1 ] >>>"pascals_tri.out"
Binomial[ 2, 2 ] >>>"pascals_tri.out"
(* now exit *) Exit[]

Sample SLURM Script

This loads the relevant modules, calls Mathematica with the given instructions, and redirects the output to a file called "output.txt".

#SBATCH -n 1		# number of cores
#SBATCH -p compute	# compute queue
#SBATCH -t 00:10:00	# time (ddd-hh:mm:ss)
#SBATCH -J mathematica       # job name

# load up the correct modules

. /etc/profile.d/
module load apps Mathematica

# call mathematica non-interactively

math -noprompt -script test.m

Links to Mathematica Documentation for Command-Line Mode

  • Version 8:
  • Version 7: