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HPC_Europa2 Virtual Surgery (14:00 CEST, Thursday 19th July 2012)

"Memory Errors Debugging for MPI Applications with the Memchecker tool" Presented by Mr. Shiqing Fan The presentation will be delivered over EVO: The Meeting password is: "HPC-Europa2"


Memory segmentation faults or irregular uses are difficult to be detected in MPI parallel applications. For this specific purpose, new memory debugging tools are developed for detecting memory problems. With integrating the tools into Open MPI as MCA frameworks, developers and users may find potential memory errors or problems that violating the MPI standard, such as memory violations, buffer overrun, and inconsistent parameters. Furthermore, the memory checking tools and frameworks may also help improve the performance of MPI parallel applications by detecting whether data communication is efficient or not. The new memory checking tools may also be used and extended in other projects or debuggers to perform different memory checks. For more information about EVO, see: