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Title Processor Type RAM Interconnect Theoretical Peak Performance Linpack Score Number of Nodes Available to Status
Boyle Intel 4.6TB Mellanox ConnectX-3 QDR 43.378TF 33.536TF 33 Selected Groups In Use
Crusher Intel 576GB Infiniband 1.4TF 18 Selected Groups In Use
IITAC Opteron 1.4TB Voltaire Infiniband SDR 3.4TF 2.724TF 356 Irish Researchers Decommissioned
Kelvin Intel 2.4TB Qlogic Infiniband QDR 12.76TF 100 Irish Researchers In Use
Lonsdale Opteron 3.2TB Infiniband DDR 11.33TF 8.9TF 154 TCD Researchers In Use
Parsons Intel 2.2TB Voltaire Infiniband (QDR switching and connectx DDR hosts) 11.75TF 138 Selected Groups In Use
Pople Intel 1.4TB Infiniband QDR 13.5168 10.95 22 Selected Groups In Use
Seagull Intel 1.2TB Infiniband QDR 12.288 10.02 20 Selected Groups In Use
TCIN Intel 64GB Infiniband 8 Selected Groups In Use