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TCHPC provides resources and services to researchers both within TCD and to the wider Irish Research Community. There are restrictions to accessing some of these resources, and the Access Policies for each major piece of infrastructure managed by the Centre is listed in the table below.

Overview of Available Resources

Resource NameResource TypeAccess Policy


TCD Staff and the Irish Research Community
KelvinCompute ClusterIrish Research Community
LonsdaleCompute ClusterSFI Funded researchers and the Irish Research Community
ParsonsCompute ClusterSelected Groups, including Computational Spintronics, Engineering, Biochemistry
CrusherCompute ClusterSelected Groups, including Computational Chemistry
TCINCompute ClusterResearchers and Collaborators of the Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience
VisualisationVisualisation FacilityIrish Research Community
Disk StorageDisk StorageTCHPC Users and Selected Groups

Rules for Access

Access to resources in the Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing is subject to Trinity College's policies and terms & conditions. These are available at

The following rules also apply

  • An account on any TCHPC systems may only be used by the authorized account holder
  • Use of TCHPC facilities and services for commercial purposes is prohibited unless agreed otherwise
  • Exploitation of defective configurations, program errors or any other method to secure a higher level of privilege than authorized is prohibited
  • Sabotage or other damaging or disruptive activities directed against the TCHPC facilities or other users is prohibited
  • An account will be setup for a fixed time period, but a maximum of one year before details verification is required

Data Protection

Personal data collected to set-up your account will not be disseminated to third parties without your permission and will only be used by staff at the Centre to comply with our obligations.

A precondition to using our systems and/or services is that you agree to allowing us to publish and disseminate an abstract of your work and any resulting publications that are enabled by these systems and/or services and make this information available to our funders and College authorities.

If you have any queries about our data protection policies please contact us.

Applying for Access

If the resource access policies indicate that you are eligible to access resources managed by the Centre, then please review the procedures for creating an account and gaining access to these resources.

Following this, you should apply for an account if you do not already have one.