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In 2004, the Centre took its first step in this field by setting up a video conferencing facility, that has been allowing to provide AccessGrid and VRVS videoconferencing sessions to the College community. In early 2006, TCHPC finished the installation of a new visualization facility, that will further the videoconferencing capabilities provided by the centre. This kind of technology allows both staff at the Centre and its users to interact and fully participate in various kinds of meetings with collaborators in other universities and centres in Europe and beyond. To check if the software that you want to use in your session is available, please check the list of available software here The currently available videoconferencing modes are: Access Grid 3.0 VRVS Polycom / Tandberg compatible videconferencing Skype If you want to use our videoconferencing facilities, please contact: ops at

Video conferencing at TCHPC Video Conference facilities at TCHPC