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This is the list of the applications that are currently installed in the machines that the users have available in the visualisation facility

Software Version Machine(s)
3DView 1.2.2 Control PC (Windows)
Amira 4.0 Control PC (Windows)
Access Grid 3.0.1 Access Grid PC (Windows)
Blender 2.41 Control PC (Windows)
BrainSuite 2.0 Control PC (Windows)
CCP4 6.0.1 Control PC (Windows)
CCP4mg 0.12.1 Control PC (Windows)
Coot 0.1.1 Control PC (Windows)
etdips 2.0.0 Control PC (Windows)
OpenGL Performer 3.2.3 SGI Prism (Suse Linux)
OpenGL Vizserver SGI Prism (Suse Linux)
Pymol 0.99 Control PC (Windows)
Paraview 2.4 Control PC (Windows)
Skype 5.0 Access Grid PC (Windows)
VisIt 1.5.3 Control PC (Windows)
VMD 1.84 Control PC (Windows)
VTK 5.0 Control PC (Windows)

If you need to use any program that is not in the list at the moment, please contact: ops at