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Our facility's hardware plays a vital role in our goal of fostering a collaborative environment. Given that the many different research groups have entirely different needs (some teams need collaboration tools, others need fully immersive, spatial tracking, surround sound, etc), the facility was designed and built to cater for as many uses as possible - and more keep added in time, as new research projects are supported.

For a more detailed description of the main features of the facility, please refer to the following topics:

Image Generation Hardware

Projection Hardware

Funding and Acknowledgement

This infrastructure was funded by the IITAC project by

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Funding for upgrading the infrastructure was provided by the e-INIS project funded by

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Users must acknowledge the support and infrastructure provided by the Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing and the IITAC and e-INIS projects funded by the HEA under the Program for Research in Third Level Institutes (PRTLI) co-funded by the Irish Government and the European Union