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Trinity College Dublin


TCHPC's Policies are detailed on the following pages:

Policy PageDescription
Access Policies Overview of which TCHPC Resources are available to various Research Groups and Higher Education Institutes, and the College and TCHPC Policies for gaining access to these resources.
Acknowledgement Policies A requirement of usage of TCHPC Resources is acknowledgement of the Funding Agencies which have provided the resources.
Cluster Scheduling PoliciesAn overview of the various queuing/scheduling policies which are in place on TCHPC clusters.
Cookie StatementA description of how Cookies are used in our websites.
Data Management Policies An overview of how disk space is allocated per project group, disk quotas, how project lifetimes affect data which is stored on TCHPC systems, and notes about TCD data policies and good research practices.
Systems Administration Policies An note on systems administration tasks which may occasionally be undertaken in order to preserve system stability and functionality.

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