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Trinity College Dublin


TCHPC provides Irish academics with resources and expertise to enable their research in computational science and engineering. The Centre also manages or participated in managing large scale infrastructure and research programs. One of the main outputs from these services is the publications produced by the research groups and the accreditation we receive in these publications. The table below gives a list of the (>260) research publications enabled by TCHPC and our related research and infrastructure programs since 2005.

Title Authors year
RNAi-mediated reversible opening of the blood-brain barrier. Campbell M., Kiang A. S., Kenna P. F., Kerskens C., Blau C., O'Dwyer L., Tivnan A., Kelly J. A., Brankin B., Farrar G. J. and Humphries P.
Cation-pi interactions: complexes of Guanidinium and simple aromatic systems F. Blanco, B. Kelly, I. Alkorta, I. Rozas, J. Elguero

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