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Trinity College Dublin

Multisensory Processes

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Life Sciences
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Prof. Fional Newell
The aim of our research programme is to elucidate the neural processes underpinning multisensory perception in the human brain. To that end, we have engaged in a series of studies, using fMRI, DTI and VBM measures, that are associated with behavioural performance in cross-modal perceptual tasks ranging from Tactile-Visual texture discrimination (Simoes-Franklin and Whitaker), haptic object perception (Chan) to synaesthesia (O\'Hanlon). We have also tried to assess the role of sensory deprivation on processing in the intact senses (Noone). Our research stems from a multidisciplinary approach to the study of human perceptual processing, involving a range of disciplines from psychology and neuroscience to engineering and genetics. These MRI studies are essential to improve our understanding of how perception is achieved by the human brain.
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