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Trinity College Dublin

Disorder and magnetic interaction in graphene systems

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Dr Mauro Ferreira
This project investigates the properties of graphene - a novel material receiving much attention in the literature due to a wealth of unique and technologically applicable properties.Our work focuses on the properties of graphene and related materials in the presence of disorder.This can be in the form of vacancy defects or impurity atoms and can arise through deliberate introduction or through the limits of the manufacture process.Of particular interest is the effect of disorder on the potential application of graphene to spintronics.Graphene-based materials have been suggested as a waveguide for spin current - mediating the transport of information in a spintronics device - due to the long spin diffusion length and low spin-orbit coupling in this material.However, disorder in nanoribbons, 1D strips of graphene, is known to induce significantly larger bandgaps in these materials than predicted for the pristine case due to the onset of localisation phenomena.Using a Greens function formalism, we investigate how the spin current is effected in such a disordered graphene system.\n
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