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Determining an Appropriate Mixing Time for Hybrid-Reverberation by Examination of the Fractal Dimens

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Dr. Dermot Furlong
The fractal dimension (D) of waveforms has been shown to be useful in the automatic identification of musical in-struments [Gunasekaran & Revathy 2008] and for distin-guishing specific states of physiological function [Ragha-vendra & Dutt 2009]. It is proposed that an investigation will be carried out to determine an appropriate „Mixing Time‟ (tmixing) for Hybrid Reverberation for use in Virtual Acoustic Environments (VAEs) by examining the fractal dimensions of a range of room impulse responses.A number of different methods for calculating the fractal dimensions of the room impulse responses will be ex-amined. Values for tmixing for different room impulse res-ponses will be obtained through listening tests and these values compared to the results for the analysis of the frac-tal dimension of these impulses. Once this data is corre-lated, statistical analysis will examine any pattern between the two data sets. This information will then be used to calculate tmixing for a new set of room impulse responses and these values compared to the results obtained for tmixing from a second round of listening tests.
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