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Trinity College Dublin

Simulated annealing of hard spheres

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Dr Stefan Hutzler
It has been found that hard spheres, of diameter d, when packed into a tube of diameter D, will form crystalline structures. The exact nature of the structure depends on the ration D/d. Carrying on from previous work conducted by Pickett et al., we intend to apply simulated annealing techniques to predict the exact crystalline arrangement of particles required at high values of D/d. This is of particular interest as we expect to see unique spiral defects emerge from our simulations as the inner sphere structure attempts to form an fcc structure, a structure which is not commensurate with the curving boundary conditions of the cylinder. The results from these simulations will be compared, using ray-tracing visualisation techniques, with monodisperse microfoam experiments, in order to determine the exact inter-particle potential present within the foam experiments.
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