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Trinity College Dublin

Imputation of GW association studies for poly-gene score and meta-analyses

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Life Sciences
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Dr. Richard Anney
Our work currently examines genetic association across a number of psychiatric traits. We have collected GW-level data on a variety of array-based SNP platforms (400K SNPs to 1.1M SNPs; Affymetrics, Perlegen and Illumina). To examine the overlap of signal we require genotyping to be performed on the same genetic markers. Unfortunately, the main arrays have minimal overlap. Statistical approaches have been developed to impute missing data, taking advantage of information on phased haplotypes from reference human populations (1000 genome project). In this study we intend to impute all studies to a core overlapping dataset of >2M SNPs using the jave-based imputation software Beagle 3.2.
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