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Reverse engineering cellular networks with ARACNE

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Life Sciences
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Dr. Adrian Bracken
The Bracken lab is focused on understanding the signaling pathways which regulate cellular senescence. Recently the lab identified a senescence signature of 300 genes that are expressed in young but not in senescent cells of both breast and stromal lineages. Significantly, these genes are highly expressed in breast cancer and correlate with poor prognosis, in keeping with the fact that advanced stage cancers must overcome the cellular senescence checkpoint (Narita and Lowe, Nature Medicine, 2005). However, lost amongst this information are the master transcriptional regulators (MTRs) which drive the expression of these genes and are candidate therapeutic targets for breast cancer. We will employ recently developed reverse engineering algorithms (ARACNE) to infer these MTRs from multiple published microarrays of breast cancer. We anticipate that this strategy will identify the ~10 MTRs which will then be further evaluated for their role as potential breast cancer therapeutic targets.
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