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Trinity College Dublin

The Effect of Long Term Environmental Enrichment on Grey Matter Volume in Rodents: A Longitudinal Study

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Life Sciences
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Dr. Aine Kelly
Environmental enrichment has been shown to upregulate neurotrophins and neurogenesis in animals and also improve hippocampal-dependent cognition. Hippocampal volume, levels of neurogenesis and cognitive ability all decline with age and this analysis will assess whether environmental enrichment can protect against any age-related grey matter volume reduction using voxel-based morphometry (VBM). Young rats (3mo) were scanned in 7T MR scanner to obtain a baseline high resolution whole brain scan. Following this, rats were randomly assigned to control or enriched conditions for a period of 21 months, during which rats were scanned again at middle age (17mo) and old age (24mo). VBM will be used to analyse any changes within and between the groups
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