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Trinity College Dublin

Content Aware Media Processing

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Prof. Anil Kokaram
There has been an exponential increase in the creation of digital media. Digital visual media and movies have seen a particular explosion in the last five years. But as it has become easier to acquire images, it has become more difficult to organise them. Few people bother to create picture albums anymore for instance. The same problem is happening in science. Much more visual imagery is being recorded of important phenomenon, but it is difficult to locate the important features. While many researchers are concentrating on making media easier to search, there is less work on making media easier to use. This project explores the concept of Content Aware visual Media Processing (CAMP). The idea is to use salient visual features to control image processing tools, for example highlighting important features in a medical video, or making picture content clearer for viewing on a small screen.One strand of this project deals with research into tools for post-production for stereo-3D content. As part of the project, we have collected a database of stereo-3D video which we wish to make available to researchers in other academic institutions. Therefore we are looking for storage space so that can be accessible over the internet. We would require an initial storage space of 600 GB but that may need to rise in the future to greater than 1TB.
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