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Trinity College Dublin

Computational mechanobiology for medical device engineering

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Prof. Patrick Prendergast
The engineering of medical devices begins with the identification of a clinical need followedby the design, prototyping, and pre-clinical testing phases. The pre-clinical testing phase involves laboratory bench tests (including prototype tests in cadavers), computer simulations,and animal trials. Next randomized clinical trials are performed, followed by multi-centretrials and, eventually, the device is released onto the market. The complexity and expense ofanimal and clinical trials highlights the importance of the best possible pre-clinical testingmethods: this project creates a team of researchers to make advances in computer simulationmethods for pre-clinical testing of medical devices.Present computational techniques for the pre-clinical testing of load-bearing medical implantsanalyse the implant’s performance in an ideal case (ideal patient and surgical procedure).However, implants that perform well in an ideal case may perform badly in population-basedmulti-centre trials[1,2,3]. The aim of this project is to develop a computational scheme forprediction of implant performance in a population-based multi-centre trial.
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