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Trinity College Dublin

Charmonium Spectrum in Lattice QCD

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Dr. Sinead Ryan
In recent years, there has been renewed interest in charm physics. Many charmonium-like states, such as X(3872), Y(4260), X(3940), Y(4140) etc., have been observed in experiments. The precise study of charmonium spectrum is an important topic both experimentally and theoretically. Lattice QCD is the only method to study the low-lying hadron spectrum quantitatively from first principles. It requires high precision numerical simulations. In this project, we study the charmonium spectrum on a set of anisotropic lattices. The anisotropic lattices are discretized in the way that the lattice spacing at temporal direction is much smaller than the lattice spacing at spacial directions. By doing this, we have the advantage of having small discretization errors in the temporal direction while keeping the computational cost down.
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