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Identifying protein-protein interaction through coevolution

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Life Sciences
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Dedicated human Support
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Dr. Juan Pablo Labrador
In this project the aim is to apply a method developed in the laboratory to identify protein-protein interactions using in silico approaches only. The method is under experimental trial and its success will open new research avenues in the understanding of interaction dynamics between proteins. In the pot-genomic era the amount of available information at the genome and proteome levels is overwhelming. It becomes urgent to deal with this information at a large scale by designing programs powerful enough to comprehensively undertake challenging analyses with these data. At the moment such programs are rather lacking and therefore progress in this area is crucial. Here we would like to try a novel software to identify in silico interactions and to complement experimental analyses aimed at achieving such an objective.The trial of this program will be based upon the analysis of the coevolutionary relationships--which is a measure of covariation of two proteins across evolutionarily ralted organisms--among all possible pairs of proteins for which we have genome information. This project will take exhaustive computational resources that will be difficult to get unless supported by TCHPC facilities.
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