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Trinity College Dublin

Modelling and Identification of Turbulent Noise mechanisms

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Prof. John FitzPatrick
Jet noise is the dominant noise source at take-off from aircraft with conventional engine architectures. A significant amount of experimental and numerical modelling effort is still required in order to characterise the physical mechanisms responsible for the production of sound in jet flows. In addition, the capacity of current prediction methods to inform new noise reduction designs is limited, particularly in the subtler features of turbulence responsible for high frequency noise. This research uses a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methodology to investigate the capacity for current turbulence modelling techniques, specifically the Large Eddy Simulation (LES) turbulence modelling approach, to predict the frequency dependence of the spatio-temporal properties, especially at high frequencies. This is intended to directly facilitate improvements in the modelling of the smallest scales of turbulence for noise prediction, those length scales too small to be resolved by the computational mesh. In addition, the causal relationship between turbulence and noise is investigated in order to advance the understanding of turbulence as a noise source mechanism.
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