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Strength Meter

Password Strength Meter

Type your password into the box below to test its strength.

Please note the following:

  • This utility uses Javascript code to check your password, so if you do not see a coloured bar changing as you type, you must enable Javascript within your browser.
  • This utility employs only client-side Javascript, which means that no data is sent to our server - the password that you type remains solely on your computer.
  • This utility can serve as a guide, but makes no guarantee of helping to create a completely "fool-proof" or "crack-proof" password.

Choosing Strong Passwords

The following are some tips on choosing strong passwords:

  • At least 9 characters
  • Use a mixture of UPPER and lower case letters
  • Include some numbers
  • Include some punctuation characters such as: ! , @ # $ % ^ & * ? _ ~
  • Avoid dictionary-based words.

Last updated 09 Jan 2017Contact Research IT.