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Getting an account

First of all, make sure you have applied for your TCHPC account:

MRI/EEG Booking System

In order to gain access to the MRI/EEG booking system:

Login to the TCIN Booking System with your TCHPC account:

Then send an email to requesting access rights to make bookings.

MRI/EEG Archives

In order to gain access to the MRI/EEG Archived data please send an email to with the following details:

  1. Your TCHPC username (see above for applying if you don't have one).
  2. The name and email address of the PI in who's group you work.
  3. A short description of the project you intend to undertake and its expected duration.
  4. If you intend to do analysis of the existing data in the MRI/EEG archives please state so in your email as you may need to be added to the mriuser and or eeguser as appropriate.

Running Software on TCHPC Clusters

Software such as FSL and AFNI are available to use, either as batch submissions using the command-line versions, or as interactive jobs to use the GUI interfaces.

TCIN also have access to a dedicated 32core cluster for running FSL/Freesurfer etc... jobs.

How do I access the TCHPC Clusters?

See here for details on logging in via SSH.

How do I run interactive jobs?

See here for details on how to run interactive jobs.

Last updated 10 Jun 2015Contact TCHPC: info | support.