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Trinity College Dublin


TCHPC offers a number of College wide and consortia/project specific storage facilities and data management services. A number of tape units are used for disaster recovery purposes.

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There are two storage devices in TCHPC connected to the Parsons, Lonsdale and IITAC clusters. These are a DDN9550 with 72TB SATA storage and a DDN9900 with 53TB storage (28.8TB SAS, 24TB SATA).

The DDN9550 is capable of 1gigabyte/s throughput and the DDN9900 is capable of 6gigabyte/s throughput.

Disaster recovery

A DELL ML1010 is used to provide 48 TB of disaster recovery.

Global Parallel Filesystem

IBM's GPFS is used to provide a unified parallel file system to the major computing resources in the Centre.

Research Storage Service

The Centre also provide a general purpose secure storage area for researchers data. This storage area can be mounted via a samba share for Windows users.

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