- Installation assistance -

The install Gambit
1. Download Gambit_install-ntx86-2.4.6.zip
2. Unzip the file and run the install program
   * Install Gambit in destination folder 
     C:\Program Files\Fluent.Inc\
   * You will be prompted for license server information.  Please enter 
     the following details
     For the license port: 7496
     For the license server: lic.tchpc.tcd.ie
3. Download Gambit_Doc_install-ntx86-2.4.zip
4. Unzip the file and run the install program
   * Install the help files in 
     C:\Program Files\Fluent.Inc\gambit2.4.6\

Gambit needs Exceed to run on Windows PCs.  The version of Exceed needed 
for Gambit version 2.4.6 is quite new.  If you do not have Exceed Version 
9.0 or later installed, you will need to install the latest version of Exceed. 

1. Download exceed2006_evalesd.zip
2. Unzip the software and run the installer
3. You will be prompted for a license key, this is:
4. You may need to restart your computer before Exceed will run.

NOTE: This license key and software are NOT to be distributed under any 
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