- Installation assistance -

The install Fluent:
1. Download Fluent_install-ntx86-6.3.26.zip
2. Unzip the file and run the install program
   * Install Fluent in C:\Program Files\Fluent.Inc\
   * You will be prompted for information about a license server port number
     and a license server name.  Please in the following information
     For the license port: 7496
     For the license server: lic.tchpc.tcd.ie
3. Download Fluent_Htm_Doc_install-ntx86-6.3.zip
4. Unzip the file and run the install program
   * You will be prompted for an installation folder - please choose
     C:\Program Files\Fluent.Inc\fluent6.3.26\

NOTE: This license key and software are NOT to be distributed under any circumstances
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