- Fluent -

The software hosted on this site is strictly for licensed TCD users only. 
Users must abide by the licensing agreements of Fluent and its parent 
company. Software, data files, tutorials, help files and license keys must 
not be distributed under any circumstances.  If in doubt, contact 

Fluent software is available for non commercial research only.

If you need support, please contact
sfi@tchpc.tcd.ie (If you/your PI is funded through SFI) 
-- OR --
ops@tchpc.tcd.ie (If you/your PI is not funded through SFI)

Directory Contents:

	ISOIMAGES - 	iso images of Fluent, Gambit and TGrid 
			(UNIX versions and Documentation)

	Unpacked_ISOs - The above, but in a browsable format

	Downloaded -	Windows and UNIX Version of Fluent

	Windows    - Contains Fluent, Gambit, TGrid and documentation for 
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